Home Office: Beginnings


Happy Sunday, everyone!

We are starting to make progress with remodeling our home office. One of my favorite pieces is the glass notice board we picked up from IKEA. What’s not to love about a $20 piece of glass to decorate our doors. What else do you do with a door?! So far, we’ve put one of these notice boards up on our home office door, our daughter’s bedroom door, and our bedroom door.

My interest in using a notice board started when I saw this beautiful acrylic (and well outside my budget) calendar on Etsy. (Note: There are cheaper acrylic wall calendars but I fell in love with this one and I think the Etsy owner does great work; I just cannot afford this item.)


We had plans to use a mirror my awesome hair stylist donated to me for a calendar but now that we found the $20 IKEA notice boards, my mirror will just be a beautiful mirror for this space.

Our design concept is starting to fall under the Option 2 from my last blog post.

Our remodel space planning setup

After we purchased a second desk last weekend, we lined the desks up together. We will work more on cord management after we paint but the back of the Alex desk which covers cords on the desktop does help the desks look less cluttered. (The irony is I do have a great home office in the beginnings and as I write to you today, I took my laptop downstairs to write while my daughter watches new episodes of How to Train Your Dragon.) The exercise bike is still located in front of the window as we have not yet replaced our Crate & Barrel bookcase with shelves.

We purchased a second IKEA Alex desk last weekend as it was offered for $129; the first one costs us $179.
The upside to moving the bookcase to the same wall with the door is the room feels bigger than its true size.

I love the rich mustard color of these curtains. We bought the Waverly curtains on sale at Lowe’s awhile back; now they aren’t showing this color available but the citron and indigo are just as beautiful. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great curtain rod up right now so they don’t look quite as nice as they should. They are designed for a 2″ or larger curtain rod, but we’ll solve that issue down the road. I do believe larger curtain rods are one of the easiest ways for a home to look more pulled together and upscale than it is, just like how larger base boards have the same effect for walls and floors.


We have a bit of a love affair with globes and the one in our office is a favorite. I have no qualms either about purchasing more globes as time goes on. So if you see five or seven globes down the road, please understand at some point I will cut myself off from adding to my collection.


We enjoy reading and are getting our daughter into the habit as well. Her personal library stays in her bedroom but aside from this large bookcase, we have a smaller Crate & Barrel bookcase to hold the remainder of our book collection. When we lived in California, it was fairly normal for us to go to Barnes & Noble every weekend. I still have books on my bookcase I haven’t finished (and sadly, some books I haven’t started) but I cannot part with them. I keep an eye on something and have made a stronger effort now to borrow (rather than purchase) books until I can finish what’s already on my shelves.


One of the touches I love most in this space is my Setu chair. (Right now, it’s at my husband’s desk on the left since he takes it when I’m not working in the office.) I saw this chair at Design Within Reach and we kept discussing saving up for this chair. Their website shows the Chartreuse chair as being $630. The staff at Design Within Reach were exceptionally graceful as we discussed loving the feel, look, and construction of this chair. I write a lot now so having a great chair was a must in my life. I picked up this Setu chair through a silent auction at Arizona State University for only $190. It’s not the same beautiful color as the Chartreuse but it’s something I can live with in order to get the more important aspects.

Hopefully, I can keep this lighter colored chair clean; I am always so worried about having to maintain white furniture,  white clothes,  and white walls. If it’s white, it needs to be an easy to maintain white.  (For the time being, the room is staying white until I can figure out what else to do with the room.)

Question for you:  If you were to share a home office with someone else, what is one thing that is very important for each of you to have in the space for it to be your own?





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