IKEA Adventures: Designing for Small Budgets

I need a little peace in my day so here I am writing about one of my favorite things: IKEA.  I love this store.  I go in, have a zen moment (until I’m interrupted by other customers), amble along, have another zen moment as I zip through room layout over room layout and I don’t start to think more critically until I go downstairs to the Marketplace.  This is until I decide to check out the little Swedish market and lose my mind all again, hopefully that one day my beloved hazelnut chocolate bars return.  The chocolate cake makes me happy, too, but I do miss my chocolate bars.  Seriously, what’s not to love about IKEA?!


I don’t have a lot of big remodeling projects on my mind at this moment.  We took some of our former IKEA bathroom organization pieces (from the rental) and moved those into our kitchen.  This change allowed us to free up counter space somewhat, which we have subsequently filled with other counter stuff.  Why can’t I help myself?


Post-IKEA “remodel”…Look at that organization.

I wish we could tackle bigger projects right now but we buy bits and pieces for small projects.  The vanity below is what I want to replace our current pedestal sink with downstairs once we can save up to redo the room all at one time.  We will also replace the current toilet with a dual flush model, the same one we used upstairs.  Paint is still to be decided and I cannot wait to pick a more luxurious mirror and some additional storage pieces.  The walls are greatly under utilized.


The piece below was one of my favorites.  My husband and I have discussed exploring adoption more seriously and I cannot help but be drawn to this cute little crib that turns into a toddler bed.  (Plus I’m short; at 5’2″ I need as low of a crib as possible if we have a baby in the house again.)  It’s a nice simple setup and we discussed how we need a lot less baby stuff than we thought when we had our daughter, Avery, back in 2010.  I will completely forgo a changing table, a playpen (because we won’t be doing much travel), and  while I didn’t have one before, a rocking chair.  This small home needs careful attention when it comes to large pieces coming into the space.  If I want something big, it better be going on the walls.  I have lots of real estate in that department. 🙂

Until my next IKEA adventure.




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