Design Inspiration: Genevieve’s Renovation

As most of you know my budget is modest, modest, modest.  It’s almost so small it might not exist, which is why I won’t always have awesome updates for you about the house.  We have done a few things like installed a new toilet in the master bath, picked up a French Country style island from American Furniture Warehouse, and painted the living room (finally).  The two best things about the island purchase were the fact we paid for it with our refund money from the rental and a $25 coupon from AFW reduced the price a little. I will share photos of both those adventures once the spaces are closer to being finished.  However, I know I don’t have a vast array of exciting stories and Instagram worthy photos to share with you all the time.  Sorry my life is pretty ordinary so I (also) enjoy living vicariously through the design efforts of others and love talking about the amazing things they do with their spaces, too.

For approximately the last week I’ve taken up watching Genevieve’s Renovation and fallen in love with the bathroom tile in her daughter’s bathroom and become envious of these gorgeous floors.  (If my legs could look like hers when I’m in my forties too I also wouldn’t be disappointed.)

While I haven’t watched her design shows in quite some time this renovation project has me interested. My husband and I don’t pay for cable so we watch tv as a family using Hulu and Netflix. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind watching a plethora of design shows with us. We also catch episodes of Fixer Upper but Genevieve’s Renovation speaks to what I love in design: an eclectic mix of style that highlights world travels.  The Moroccan door she put up in her renovated apartment is stunning.  While I’ve loved the idea of visiting Morocco for some time now whenever I see Moroccan design elements my heart is so happy.  I was actually quite disappointed during one episode of House Hunters International when a couple choose to build a western style home in Morocco rather than restore one of the riads.  What were they thinking?!  Riads can be so beautiful; the designs are something I wish American homebuilders would gravitate towards.

Here’s hoping you find some awesome design inspiration this week, too.


p.s. If any home design company/tv show wants to throw some free products my way, I won’t mind a bit.  My house will love the extra goodies.


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