Design Inspiration Day

Today started off with a perfect amount of ‘me’ time.  My daughter is spending the Fourth of July weekend camping with her grandparents so I have the time to invest in some unfinished projects and relaxing with my husband.  We started our day off with a 50 minute walk/jog around and just outside our neighborhood and headed out to Nico’s Kitchen for brunch.  It hasn’t been open long and today was our first outing there.  The space makes me think of a combination of Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.  It’s so beautiful and our servers plus the food there was excellent.

We were the first customers of the day.  I can tell you I’ve never been the first customer of the day at a restaurant and it’s a giddy mix of joy and also a bit nervousness.  In that moment, we are the center of attention and I certainly didn’t want the staff to feel that their efforts were under appreciated.  Hopefully, more people start to check this place out. The experience was fantastic.


Nico’s Kitchen (Located in Downtown Gilbert)


The space is so fresh and inviting.  


While we were eating our meal, one of the servers tucked sprigs of rosemary into the other place settings.  We were in so early ours weren’t finished yet. 🙂

Version 3

Don’t let the prices deter you; the food is REALLY worth it.

My husband had the chistorra and eggs and I choose the classic crepe.  We treated ourselves to donuts as an appetizer. The sweet milk is fantastic; it has vanilla beans in it and the closest store bought product that brings me similar joy is Shamrock Farms vanilla milk.

Version 3Version 3


Classic Crepe


Chistorra & Eggs

We ended our morning with a little peek around A World of Tile in Mesa.  Quite some time must pass before we can tackle the bigger jobs associated with our home and I am not quite content to settle for the selection at Home Depot.  We eventually want to replace the carpet upstairs and downstairs.  Currently, we are thinking about scraped bamboo for the upstairs and a wood grain porcelain tile for downstairs.  Below are some of our favorite selections of tile from today’s window shopping adventure.

Version 3

This tile reminds me of my travels and I’d love this (or a similar product) somewhere in the house.

Version 3

My daughter would probably love this tile selection because the crackle glaze is something she’d like based on her love for glitter.

Version 3

Product information for the crackle glaze product.

Version 3

Version 3


Version 3

It glistens like snow. 🙂


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