Sneak Peek: A Necessary Home Feature


Where’s the peephole?!

I know I posted this photo before but I wanted to share with you that when my husband and I purchased our home we cluelessly missed the fact the front door did not have a peephole.  Seriously!!!  We missed it.  We were so enthralled with the idea of homeownership we breezed on by and said yes.

This weekend we tackled this little problem because it was becoming a big problem.  On numerous occasions a slew of solicitors have come up to our home and we cannot see them except for when they walk by the premise.  Currently, we are on the hunt for a fantastic ‘No Solicitation’ sign and I am looking around Etsy for just the right thing.  We would not go another weekend though without resolving the peephole issue.  Thankfully, our local Home Depot has those in stock and we found one that fit our particular needs.  Having never lived in a home without a peephole I was surprised to find out just how common it is for doors to not have peepholes.

We will eventually paint the door (interior and exterior) as the budget allows but for now this simple project brought a lot of joy (without a lot of effort or money).  Please know for the duration we live in our residence I am very hesitant to post full shots of the exterior.  I am happy giving you small glimpses here and there of things but privacy and safety are very important to me.


And the final product:




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