Weekend Work

Pulling the house together requires tackling one obstacle at a time and for me right now those obstacles are the boxes. We still have a fair amount of boxes cluttering up the house and I am thankful our city does trash and recycling pick up on the same day.  Each week our bins are full of moving debris: curled up balls of tape, cling wrap, packing paper that cannot be used again, and a small amount of moving boxes that didn’t fare so well during the move.  We are holding onto the good boxes so we can reduce the amount necessary to purchase for a move later on.

This weekend Avery and I went to Merchant Square in Chandler in our quest for a few new wall mirrors.  Our outing was not entirely successful.  We found a variety of things, but did not purchase a mirror there.  I was delighted though to run into one of my coworkers and her husband.  She was the one who told me about the antique market but during one of our recent discussions didn’t plan on going antique hunting there this weekend.



This mirror was one of the more affordable ones that I found but not quite what I wanted.


I don’t know what I would do with it, but I love this old door.

I was a bit bummed so many things I found interesting were more expensive than I thought they’d be so I made the decision to not purchase a mirror there.


Old rail car door $240 (Love It!)



We bought this veteran made heart for $22.

I think the next time I check out an antique market I will go in with a broader understanding antique/flea markets don’t always have inexpensive items on my wish list. I picked up a mirror instead from Target. I found a Threshold collection mirror for $50. After bringing it home and opening the box I found a tiny chip in the frame but we decided to keep it anyways. Thomas sanded the edge a little to soften the appearance and as needed, we’ll distress it more as necessary. I eager to get some of our wall decor up so we’ll go back and paint the wall later.  I do think once the wall is painted the mirror will stand out a bit more.  (By the way, this white paint is driving me crazy; whatever paint the builder used is not great and it shows scuff marks and dirt like you would not believe.)


I still have a minor project in the works for my daughter.  She picked up a beautiful bright pink frame and now I’m in the process of spray painting it. I taped off the portion directly surrounding the glass so it stays pink (as best as possible) so my daughter can have the blue AND pink frame she wanted.  We’ll see how well my first spray painting job goes….


The best find of the day is this small frame.  It was listed for $8 and because it was one sale, we paid just under $7 for it.

Below is the color it will be once finished:

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.55.12 AM


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