Dream “Shopping”

We are not too far into this adventure of homeownership and I can say it’s exciting and stressful. It is very disappointing to find out the blue painter’s tape does not work well with the texture walls here. In painting our daughter’s room we found the paint bled under in several spots. I know it’s not the end of the world especially given the fact we will upgrade the baseboards and add crown molding later, but it feels like wasted money on this product. During our outing to Home Depot today we picked up some FrogTape Painter’s Tape and white and clear caulk for our next couple of painting projects.  Apparently, you can lay down some caulk over painter’s tape and paint over it to help get some crisp lines.  Fingers crossed!!!  The two different estimates we have from professional painters are between $2,100 and $2,500 to paint the whole interior; as such, a professional paint job (on my budget) is not going to happen.

Currently, there’s not a lot of progress in the house to share with you all.  I painted one full wall in our bathroom’s toilet closet and half of the wall on the opposite side.  My goal is to paint the rest of the latter wall and a third wall tonight.  For the time being, we will leave the last wall unpainted.  I do not yet trust my skills to dismantle the toilet to paint behind it.  However, we do plan on replacing the toilets next year so it might look ok until then.  We are considering the Kohler Touchless toilet for our bathroom and our daughter’s bathroom and a dual flush toilet for the powder room downstairs.


Later on we want to change out the sliding glass doors for some fancy French doors like these.


The doors are a bit pricey so replacing the sliding glass doors is another project for down the road.

As we look to modestly update this home, we are exploring a number of businesses offering products we like and/or products we can personalize.  Later this month I plan on checking out the Merchant Square Antique Marketplace in Chandler.  I am looking for mirrors that can be updated with some Rust-Oleum Paint and Primer Spray. I bought a bright yellow, citrus green, coral, and teal blue cans for future projects.  Today I stopped by one of the local Goodwill stores to see their mirror selection.  The store didn’t quite have the right style I’m looking for so hopefully the antique marketplace has at least a few pieces.

Additionally, I am keeping an eye on things that are sold on Etsy.  In the past, I bought some floor poufs for my daughter’s room and a pair of earrings through two of the vendors on the site.  I don’t know that I would go through Etsy for mirrors because shipping make make the mirror purchases more cost prohibitive than I like.  Again, I am working with a modest first time homebuyer budget so bear with me.  The house won’t quite look like you’re walking through Pottery Barn or Design Within Reach, which is not really within my reach!  We have furniture from IKEA, American Furniture Warehouse, and Target to name a few things.  Below are a couple of the things I’m considering from Etsy vendors:

I am having a lot of fun envisioning how this home with grow over time.  Last night was the first time we had anyone over that’s not family and it felt a little odd showing off the house in its raw state.  Thankfully, our guests who are parents like us weren’t turned off by the plethora of boxes still cluttering our space. I also learned about the number of projects going on at their own home in the Eastmark area of Mesa so we’re in good company.  Young homeownership is studded with projects in various states of completion!

Talk to you all again soon.



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