Moving Up in the World

Thank you for dealing with my conspicious absence from my blog.  It is quite hectic being a full time worker and being a graduate student.  As previously mentioned, I discussed the fact, we might end our home search for the time being.  Nothing has changed with that regard.  Financially, it is not in our best interest to buy at this time.  However, all is not lost.  We have a steady financial plan towards that eventual goal.  Currently though, we found a better rental situation (and one, I feel, could turn out to be the home we end up purchasing).  The reason why I feel this one is possible is the owner purchased the home in February and listed it in March to rent.  For the time being, we’ve secured it as a one-year rental.

It is a suitable arrangement for ourselves.  Our ASU family housing rental was just under 1,400 sq. feet and this home is just over 1,400 sq. feet.   Before, we lacked access to a garage, fenced in yard, and recently discovered ASU’s family housing now falls under the institution’s dry campus policy.  Sayonara, Family Housing!!!  I don’t drink much, but I’m 31 years old.  I will not give up my privilege to drink in the safety of my own home, in the company of friends and family.  It’s cheaper to hang out and drink in my residence than be charged $8 to $10 for a glass of wine at a restaurant.

Our new home is pleasantly modest throughout, mostly builder grade finishes with granite counters in the kitchen, 2″ wood blinds, and smelled of fresh paint when we initially walked through it.  I love the two young trees out back, the painted birdhouse, and substantial storage in the kitchen.  Storage elsewhere in the home is somewhat limited, but if we later purchase the home, we will make appropriate adjustments.

Speaking of home purchase, below are some ideas I have for the place:

-Replace the sliding glass patio doors with French doors;

-Paint the home in a warm gray (currently it’s a warm beige);

-Replace the carpet throughout with faux wood tile and cork flooring (in the bedrooms and on the stairs);

-Replace the white painted wood banister with a glass banister;

-Epoxy the garage floor;

-Update the garage door;

-Set up a shade sail out back;

-Decorate the front porch space; and

-Update the exterior paint color scheme.

Maybe someday down the road, we can see these dreams come to fruition.

For now, please enjoy the occasional update as we decorate and design the space with nonpermanent personalizations.


The New Rental

The New Rental


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