It’s Been Awhile…Still Scouting for a Home

My apologies for my long departure from this site. My first semester of my Master’s was made more challenging by our short staffing at work. However, those extra concerns did not deter me from our dreams of homeownership. The biggest obstacle in our way is currently the VA. Their lending standards are more stringent than going the conventional route and so, the funding available to us is not sufficient to purchase in our desired area.

A good friend of mine was notified back in November about an interesting home opportunity in Chandler, Arizona. Homes on the Homefront receives donated homes and provides them mortgage-free to honorably discharged veterans. We applied for the 1,159 sq. foot home and are currently waiting to find out if we are the fortunate recipients.

We would still incur other expenses (HOA fees, property insurance, etc.) but the monthly payments would be a lot smaller than a mortgage!

And if this opportunity doesn’t work out, we will refocus our efforts on a better rental opportunity for the next couple of years. It’s been too challenging to get approved for a loan when only one of our incomes is fixed. Our GI bill house allowances and Thomas’ work study pay do not count as qualifying income. If we don’t get this home, it looks like we’re stuck waiting until Thomas brings home a lawyer’s paycheck. 🙂


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