School Shopping & Butterfly Adventures

I wish this Sunday could last longer than 24 hours; this week, in particular, has been exceptionally hectic and I don’t feel like I’ve had enough downtime to face Monday morning with a smile and an “I’m ready” attitude.  In fact, I am ready to bypass the next two weeks so I can head straight into our Wyoming vacation.  Although I won’t be completely incommunicado, I will be taking a significant break from emails, Facebook, and phone calls.  My family and I truly need some downtime from this constant blur of activity we’ve been going through with our wildly different summer schedules (Avery at grandma’s, Thomas in school and working, and myself working and starting my day early/putting in overtime).

This weekend was still packed with lots of activities.  My weekend “started” early on Friday since I had a dentist appointment; originally, I had a doctor’s appointment, too, but it had to be rescheduled.  C’est la vie!!!!  Anyways, my Friday “sick day” for personal checkups went fairly well although I did find out I have a serious enough cavity that requires a filling.  30 years old and it’s finally happened!!!  I am one of those people who actually likes going to the dentist, because I love having healthy teeth; it is a disappointment to hear I finally have a cavity.  In September, I’ll have it filled and hopefully, I won’t get anymore cavities for the rest of my life (or at least for a significant amount of time).

My afternoon became an unintended 1st school shopping adventure!  Thomas found out the other day that Avery is required to wear a school uniform and needed other items for her new preschool.  She enjoyed our mother-daughter jaunt around Target as I hurried around to find all the smallest girls’ uniform bottoms that I could and also some new shoes; she’s a petite thing like myself although she also has my big feet!

Can she be more adorable?!

Can she be more adorable?!

Our cute find at Target...because she needs closed toe shoes and these were too cute to pass up!

Our cute find at Target…because she needs closed toe shoes and these were too cute to pass up!

We are prepared for school lunches!

We are prepared for school lunches!

My bank account may be sad after our trip to Target, but I enjoyed my first school shopping adventure with Avery. As a child, I used to love school shopping with my mom and sisters. The prospect of getting new clothes, new shoes, and new school supplies was a very invigorating experience. My tastes were pretty similar year to year, but I loved the idea of always starting with a blank slate.

Although every day is an opportunity to grow and experience personal growth, the momentous occasion to start brand new each school year has always thrilled me. As a parent now, I get to relive that joy through my daughter’s personal development. She is very much a “pink” child. She loves ribbons and bows, pink and purple, glitter, and anything that lights up. Just look at her new backpack.

We are very thankful the batteries aren't replaceable; some day, it won't twinkle its seizure-inducing brightness, much to our daughter's disappointment.

We are very thankful the batteries aren’t replaceable; some day, it won’t twinkle its seizure-inducing brightness, much to our daughter’s disappointment.

If this thing glows for years to come, I will be seriously disappointed. It lights up the moment with just the slightest movement, but was one of the few preschooler sized backpacks we could find.

I am terribly excited that our shopping trip went so well.  We expected some flak since our daughter is going through this phase right now that if something is not her idea, she’s not on board with it.  We have a hard time coaxing her to eat certain things or adhere to her bedroom routines; however, we were very fortunate, she calmly reacted to the issue of a school uniform.

She quite exemplifies the “only child syndrome” when it comes to shopping trips that center around her.  Everything becomes an “I Want” and we are constantly reminding her that not everything she wants is something she’ll receive.  Friday’s school shopping trip might undo our hard work teaching her that not everything is about her, because the trip was everything about her!!!

And I didn’t help by also asking Thomas is we could make a trip to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, so Avery has more kid-centered fun this weekend.  Since I worked overtime this weekend and last weekend, I felt she needed some fun outside the home.  Thankfully, she loves butterflies and didn’t freak out when she saw them in person.

IMG_4367 IMG_4368 IMG_4410 IMG_4355 IMG_4359 IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4442 IMG_4401 IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_4405

The Butterfly Wonderland has memberships,too, so we’ll probably purchase one down the road that way we can enjoy visiting more often. Avery seemed a little bummed that a butterfly didn’t land on her. I had three land on me while we were there, but they were so quick, I didn’t get a photo. One was pretty huge and landed on my shoulder. It was the funniest feeling and I know Avery was absolutely giggle if the same thing happened to her. I told her next time we’ll sprinkle some sugar water on her so we can improve her chances that a butterfly will greet her personally. So much fun awaits us on our next visit to the Butterfly Wonderland!!!


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