I Love Simple Saturdays!

I am a sucker for love stories, let’s just put that out there.  I don’t mind that most love stories are based on completely unrealistic pairings of people (insanely polar opposite pairings, rich guy/poor girl, poor guy/rich girl, etc.) or the story lines are far from plausible.  I just love the idea of two people meeting, them sharing great chemistry, and having a humorous adventure along the way.  Seriously, I am the kind of girl for whom the big movie studies make movies like “Failure to Launch”, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, and “Pretty Woman.”  Clearly, I am barely scratching the surface of all the romantic comedies out there, but I love the movies I just mentioned.  I also really, really, really enjoy “The Family Stone.”

It makes me think of my own wonderfully dysfunctional family and all our eccentric behaviors.  I still laugh each time I watch it and I am not bothered that it’s incredibly unrealistic.

Tonight, however, we ended our day watching my favorite episode of “Gilmore Girls.”  While I absolutely love this show and have watched it beginning to end countless times already, the episode “You Jump, I Jump Jack” brings the biggest smile to my face.  I love the sense of adventure that the character Logan Huntzberger brings into Rory’s life.

I'm deathly scared of heights, but this scene is my favorite of the ones of Rory and Logan together.

I’m deathly scared of heights, but this scene is my favorite of the ones of Rory and Logan together.

I wouldn’t call myself an adventurous person, so there are some risks that I really admire of people, like this scene of everyone jumping off the scaffolding.  I enjoy it even more because everyone is dressed up in their finest attire for this big event.

gilmore girls jumping scene

And random trivia about me-I love the word “parasol”; I love how classy it sounds and I also love the French word for umbrella, “parapluie.”


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