Royal Coffee Bar


Yesterday morning I had an errand to run before work and I stopped into Royal Coffee Bar as the place I needed to visit didn’t open up until 7:30a.m. and I arrived there at 7:11a.m. Let me just say I don’t dawdle very well; I don’t enjoy just sitting around and waiting, so I went back around the corner to stop into Royal Coffee Bar. My husband and I came across this place during our walk after our dinner adventure to House of Tricks.

I was very impressed with how gorgeous this small coffee shop is; I found out from Scott, the employee who helped me yesterday, that the owner is also an architect and has other locations. I was advised to check out the Heritage Square District location in Phoenix to scoop out that one as well.

I didn’t become a coffee drinker until earlier this year so I am still taking baby steps into the world of coffee. I ordered the Iced Toddy and was very happy that the prices here are more reasonable than at Starbucks.

Iced Toddy

Iced Toddy

I forgot to take a photo of the sawed off car meter on the floor, which is a shame because it was such an interesting touch, but the rest of the place was tastefully designed. I also think the proximity to ASU will serve this place well.



Simplicity at its finest.

Simplicity at its finest.

Maybe next time I’ll have a chance to meet the owner and ask him about his designing tastes; he was out picking up more coffee when I dropped in, but I am eager to meet him. The coffee was great so I’m definitely going to go back another time for another cup!


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