Drinks & Dessert Part 2: Walking Around Agritopia

I bombarded you all with so many photos in my last blog post about having iced chai tea and a coconut whoopie pie that I didn’t think it was fair to have you endure so many more photos in that one post; here is part 2 to the story.

Agritopia is just as much about the homes as it is about Joe’s Farm Grill, the Coffee Shop, and the farm. It’s about enjoying front porches and community spaces. I really do enjoy it although we have parted ways with the idea of living there; not many homes in our planned square footage range have a full length drive way and the consistent access to on-street parking and visitor spots. There are some streets in Agritopia that meet those needs but the homes on those streets are too big for our taste; they are beautiful to look at, so do enjoy. I know I love taking a stroll to look at the houses every chance I get.

And there’s something about cats here, too. We saw three of them lounging outside on just one street.







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