Shea 3D Homes: Marbella Vineyards

Welcome to Marbella Vineyards in Gilbert, Arizona.

Welcome to Marbella Vineyards in Gilbert, Arizona.

Shea Homes 3D Homes in the Marbella Vineyards neighborhood in Gilbert gave us an interesting opportunity to see new home construction that designed the living spaces based off of three lifestyle options: kitchen centric, outdoor living, and entertaining.






Being a foodie myself, I preferred the layouts set up with a kitchen centric floor plan.




The home community is a bit out of our desired price range (the smallest home at 1,895 sq. feet sells for $269,990), and too far south of the 202 loop for our liking but is a lovely community to walk through. The sales staff here are among the nicest that we’ve encountered; we freely walked through the homes without feeling pressured regarding our home purchase timeframe.

I know not everyone would agree but I think walking through model homes is perhaps the best way to get home design inspiration. Books and magazines are great, but the 3-dimensional environment offered by model homes shows off how well different materials compliment or contrast with each other for your eyes’ attention.


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