Changes to ASU Polytechnic

Love the new signs going up by ASU Polytechnic.

Love the new signs going up by ASU Polytechnic.

There is a significant amount of construction going on in southeast Gilbert and the area around ASU Polytechnic. Sometimes, it’s annoying and chaotic and at other times, I love the opportunity to see new buildings and other improvements develop before my eyes. On ASU Poly, there is a new building under construction. We have had the chance to see this area of campus develop from a small cluster of homes that were demolished to a dusty construction site and now, to its current state, being enveloped by its Tyvex covering.

Down go the houses....

Down go the houses….




ASU Poly has excellent potential to grow and develop as a campus and it is rather exciting to have an up close and personal experience of seeing the new building come together.




As silly as it sounds, I love the wood scent that perfumes the air when a building is being framed.

The building is still inching closer towards construction.


And the Tyvex is finally going up.

I am looking forward to seeing what the building will look like in its finished state. Given the fact that I love the architecture of many of ASU’s buildings, I have high expectations that this building will be impressive and maybe, finished in time for the start of the 2014-2015 academic year.


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