October Flew By and November Begins

The day may start off cool, but it warms up quickly!

The day may start off cool, but it warms up quickly!

I honestly don’t know what it was about this year, but October seemed to be so short. Not that I am disappointed though. October treated us very well. My new job is going splendid. I spent some time the other day eating lunch outside and it’s so enjoyable to be on a beautiful campus.

ASU field view

I will try and take more photos. One photo doesn’t so enough justice to how beautiful the Tempe campus of ASU. I can also say that the other campuses I’ve visited are equally nice in their own way. I had the opportunity on Friday to visit the west campus to visit with our counterparts there and check out the fitness center. I would be so happy to use the treadmills and look out at a mountain view! My husband and I have also driven around on the polytechnic campus to check out the family housing.

Family housing photo (ASU photo)

Family housing photo (ASU photo)

I can’t remember if I mentioned beforehand but the family housing on ASU’s polytechnic campus is old base housing and some of the dorms there are also old military barracks.

I am eager for all the good things that November brings. Today I got the wonderful surprise of finding gluten free ladyfingers. The Gluten Free Country Store in Gilbert had them (and tons of other great finds) and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make a gluten free version of chocolate pumpkin tiramisu for Thanksgiving this year. I also plan on making a cranberry streusel bar recipe I found in one of the recent copies of Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine.

Oh and I’m back on trying to make a number of healthier meals for the week. I have to keep in mind that come February we are doing a Spartan Sprint and I don’t want to be terribly out of shape for the race.

And here are some of the neat things we found at Down East Home and Clothing at the San Tan Mall.
Vintage bedroom collection at Down East

Theater style seating


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