A Pre-Halloween Treat

Halloween Call Lilies from Trader Joe's

Halloween Calla Lilies from Trader Joe’s

I have always loved October (I am a big fan of Halloween) but now I have another reason to love this month. Today I was offered the job with Arizona State University! I have some paperwork to complete tomorrow and orientation on Monday! It seems so unreal that my job hunting days are over.

This process, while still very stressful, wasn’t nearly as labor intensive as my last go-around. I applied to 23 positions in the past 3 months and only 9 were located within the state of Arizona.

Starting next month, we’ll have two incomes again and be another step closer to being on our own. I can’t wait to take our stuff out of storage (hopefully at the earliest December and latest, January). It has felt like an eternity and I miss being settled and around our possessions that represent who we are and where we’ve been.

And eventually, I can have people over for dinner! My life feels so complete when I get to host friends and family over for dinner dates and Avery’s birthday parties.


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