Moving Forward

Here I am post curls actually stayed in place.  Ah, the power of LOTS and LOTS of hairspray!

Here I am post interview…my curls actually stayed in place. Ah, the power of LOTS and LOTS of hairspray!

So, I’m a little (ok, a lot) tired. Today went incredible well as far as my job hunting goes. I had my second interview with the City of Tempe and I can tell you, I am impressed. What a professional (and lovely) bunch of people to talk to today. Between them and ASU, I have never met other people who carry themselves so well and also make it incredibly obvious among first meeting them that they truly CARE about who they are hiring.

I didn’t get that sort of warm and fuzzy feeling when I did my interview with Pinal County earlier this year. Out of the three people who interviewed me back then, only one gave off the impression that he was enjoyable to be around, but today, I felt the way one might feel when you get introduced to your friend’s family for the first time.

I got the “house tour” so to speak of what could be my future employer. I saw where the offices were for the administrator, the supervisors, and the cubicles of my potential co-workers (and I also got to briefly introduce myself to one co-worker).

Their “house” is nice. It is tucked away from lots of extraneous noise but the cubicles are clustered together nicely and have lower walls than what I experienced at Pinal County. It really gives off a vibe that you can ask your co-worker questions without feeling like it’s a bad thing to be talking. There is a long row of windows that have some greenery behind them that try to mask the parking garage on the other side. No biggie. It is a big city after all and I’d much rather have windows than no windows; after working a combination of 14 months overseas in windowless buildings for security/safety reasons and then a little over a year in a mall (once again sans windows) I am a little desperate for some sun in my day. It matters to me and it keeps me in a good mood when I am cooped up during working hours.

The “family” is even better. Right off the bat, I got the impression that personality matters and cooperation matters. Everyone who is there has been there for quite some time and turnover is rare. One lady recently retired after 27 years! That woman has been working there nearly as long as I’ve been alive. I got more positive information regarding the vacancies that currently exist; they happened because the other individuals took other positions that suited their career goals and not because of personality differences.

I don’t expect to get along with everyone, but it’s incredibly important to me that I work with people who are mostly enjoyable. My friend, Rochelle, from my Kay Jeweler’s days pointed out one day that it is important that we all find some way to get along since we often spend more time with each other each day than we spend with our own families. I am taking this advice to heart and trying to ensure that my future career positions put me around individuals who I can trust and feel comfortable with so we are more productive and happier in our chosen professions.

I still have other steps in the process before I can receive a job offer anywhere. For the job today, I still have a background examination and a polygraph and if I go the ASU route, it is possible that I might have a third interview to complete. I haven’t heard anything back from them, but today’s success did show me that I will have two great options at my disposal to help further my career goals and meet my long-term and short-term goals outside of work.

And hopefully, in December, we can get things in line to move into ASU family housing. We are happy to be closer to moving out on our own and resuming life under our own roof.

One last thing though…today was HGTV’s last day of running the Urban Oasis contest. I am incredibly excited that we went through and entered nearly every day; I know if we are lucky enough to be chosen, we have determined some great financial goals for ourselves and have recognized that we could potentially buy a starter/forever home of modest size here locally.

If we are not chosen, I do hope that the person who wins makes the best use of his or her investment, whether it’s to live in the condo or to use the cash to accomplish some personal dreams that have currently been on the back burner.

Good luck to everyone who participated!!! Life is about enjoying today but also embracing the unknown. Each day is an opportunity to make the most of what’s we’ve been given and to count our blessings.

p.s. Just a little side note, but 300 people competed for the job with the City of Tempe and I’ve made it this far. Isn’t that exciting?!


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