HGTV’s Urban Oasis 2013


I’m from Rhode Island so the fact that HGTV is doing an Urban Oasis near where I am from is exciting!  I’ve only been through Boston a few times (sad, I know) but what can I say…I didn’t really drive in high school.  I got my permit when I was 16 and my driver’s license when I was 18.  I despise driving.  I am the kind of person who (rarely) plays the lottery but has grandiose ideas that if I were ever to be the person to win, I’d get my hair professionally done each day (it would be kind of nice and be pampered somewhat like a celebrity) and I joke that I’d have a chauffeur.  Now, honestly, I’d probably get my hair done quite frequently and when I look at things realistically, it would be weird to have a chauffeur, plus it would let other people know I was rich.  I’d rather be a bit hermit-like and not let on to my newfound wealth (if I were to have it) so I could continue to live a modest (but comfortable) life and help out friends and family along with my favorite charities.  I wouldn’t want people constantly bugging me for money…no thank you.

Sorry, I know I go off on tangents.  It’s just something that I do.  After I learned about the HGTV Urban Oasis, I decided to start putting in my entries.  Originally, I was smitten with the idea of “Oh, look we could live in Boston”, which is rather appealing since my husband wants to be a lawyer and back east there are some exceptional law schools.  However, after checking out 2013 Urban Oasis online, I realized how crazy of an idea it would be for our family.  The fabulous apartment is only 1,000 sq. ft and one bedroom!  We are probably going to sound like awful parents because we seriously were thinking “Well, our daughter could temporarily live in the living room since she’s three.”  I mean, come on.  Seriously, she’s three.  How much space does she need?!  Ok, I am kidding.  My kid couldn’t do without a bedroom, but we were thinking that if the space were 1) larger and 2) had a spare bedroom, we’d be all over it.  Shame though that HGTV didn’t tackle this project with a two bedroom place in mind. 

I do commend them though for allowing a cash option in lieu of moving in.  What a great idea!  I wouldn’t want a win like the HGTV dream home to ruin my life like this past winner.  We may be a small family, but not small enough that a one bedroom apartment in Boston would suffice plus who knows how hard it would be to find a job out there.  After I lost my job earlier this year, I applied for a job with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service in Lawrence, Massachusetts, but that obviously didn’t work out.  I couldn’t imagine packing up my family to move somewhere without having a job prospect and being assured that my family could afford our new lifestyle.

I can also say that the Urban Oasis is not my style.  It is very tastefully done and looks nice, but I love lighter colors and textures. 

It's so great looking, but such dark colors.

It’s so great looking, but such dark colors.

Living room...what a killer view.

Living room…what a killer view.

The window between the bedroom and bathroom is such a great idea.

The window between the bedroom and bathroom is such a great idea.

Master bath (love the floating vanity)

Master bath (love the floating vanity)

Master Bedroom...the only bedroom!

Master Bedroom…the only bedroom!

Powder Room

Powder Room

My Pinterest boards show off my housing style very well.  Instead, I would use the cash from the HGTV Urban Oasis and get a place here in Gilbert.  We would certainly still have enough money after paying taxes that we could pay cash for a home.  Sounds kind of exciting, doesn’t it?!

I love to dream.  So, if you were to win the HGTV Urban Oasis and instead took the $725,000, how would you spend it?  Oh, and don’t forget, you get a car, too.  I’d sell the car, too, but that’s just me.  I don’t need an Acura MDX…my Toyota Prius works just fine.


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