Eastmark Opening Ceremony

Eastmark Visitors Center

Eastmark Visitors Center

Eastmark Lane

Eastmark Lane

So…….we are not the type of family who should go to opening ceremony activities.  There were way too many people and since it was about 105 degrees outside, we didn’t want to wait around for the few shuttles and trolleys they had to take people around to the different builder neighborhoods. 
Eastmark pond
Instead, we hoofed it a little ways to see the Taylor Morrison models.  We only went inside one before we realized that it was quite a mistake to be out there today.  The house was easily packed with about 30 people, who took refuge from the heat, so it was quite impossible to really see how the floor plan would suite our family.

I was disappointed to see that Eastmark pretty much looks and feels like a number of other neighborhoods around the east valley. 
Eastmark models1

Eastmark models2

I know I am making a pretty rushed judgment about Eastmark, so we will most likely go back for another visit another weekend to form a more solid opinion about the neighborhoods and to actually find out what amenities will be offered and what the HOA’s will be.

We knew that Taylor Morrison modeled some of their Eastmark floorplans at Adora Trails in Gilbert, so we went there to get a sense of how they are laid out.  I will say that I like the floor plans from Fulton Homes’ Southern Pacific neighborhood in Cooley Station, but Thomas and I agree that $240,000 or more for our first home is not really realistic.  I hope that Fulton Homes jumps on the bandwagon for Eastmark home builders in future phases or they put in a neighborhood in Pacific Proving Grounds North; I think if they built something in Mesa then we might be able to afford one of their homes.


Taylor Morrison Models-Adora Trails

Avery Adora Trails

Adora Trails28

Adora Trails26

Adora Trails25

Adora Trails24

Adora Trails23

Adora Trails21

Adora Trails19

Adora Trails18

Adora Trails16

Adora Trails15

Adora Trails14

Adora Trails13

Adora Trails12

Adora Trails11

Adora Trails09

Adora Trails08 Mirror Towel Holders

Adora Trails07

Adora Trails06

Adora Trails05

Adora Trails04

Adora Trails03

Adora Trails02


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