It’s almost here!!!!


Eastmark opens up on Saturday!!!  You can expect me to be there bright and early.  The daylong opening event goes from 10 a.m. to 5p.m. although I know we won’t be there the entire time;  I think the most Thomas and Avery will manage is two hours.  We shall see. 

As well, we have settled on neighborhoods to look at now through the end of next year, when we hope to put down earnest money.

Our Top Two Picks
1. Eastmark (Mesa)
2. Pacific Proving Grounds North (Mesa)

The Last Remaining Three (the higher price range)
3. Desert Place (Mesa)
4. Elliot Groves, if they have homes under 2,000sq. ft (Gilbert)
5. Southern Pacific at Cooley Station (Gilbert)

Here is part of the information for Southern Pacific; the website doesn’t allow me to take the image for the 2nd story of the floor plan. Oh well!

Southern Pacific Brick Home Elevation
Southern Pacific 1st floor


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