A Good Week and Good Challenges

As we are honing in on our future here in Arizona, I am finding that my extensive research is coming in handy.  I have an interview on Thursday and I am pretty excited to see how that goes.  This position, if I am hired for it, will be essential in making our goal of becoming homeowners very attainable this year.  We still have the very important task of paying off our cars and credit cards to put ourselves in a good spot to afford the area we have been looking at recently.

Thankfully, as I am checking out local amenities, I am finding that this particular area is a great investment of our money.  We’d be about three miles away from the police substation and four miles from one of the fire stations and the school district is incredible.  My husband rearranged my computer this week and took down all the items I had on my desktop, so I’ll have to reference my sex offender population map I created later on to verify that aspect as it relates to our home search.  I know there was one sex offender near an elementary school but it’s not the one we’d look at sending our daughter, so I don’t have that guy to worry about on a daily basis.

I am trying to sneak in as much time as I can watching my favorite HGTV shows right now.  My mother-in-law doesn’t particularly care for them and she was home for the past two weeks, enjoying her winter vacation from teaching.  My husband goes back to school next week and has so much to get done before the month is over.  I also have several books to read, including the book I am currently reading called The Panic Virus (by Seth Mnookin).  One of my high school girlfriends recommended it to me and I love it.  It’s got great statistics about vaccine programs throughout history.

And I still have another book to add to my wish list.  It wasn’t at the library recently when I went but hopefully it will be there next time. Here it is:


the house always wins


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