Plain Jane was a Disappointment

My husband and I drove down to Queen Creek today to take a look at this property that I mentioned to you in my last post.  Now that I know it won’t be the home for us I can tell you it’s actual address of 26219 S. 201st Street, Queen Creek, Arizona.  I am always a bit hesitant to list addresses of places I admire in case one might become our home but I have no worries in this case.

Plain Jane is disappointing not for what the house is but for where it’s located.  It might as well be the res; It’s located below Riggs and on a county road that is not maintained whatsoever; it’s just a dirt road and the path up to the house is obviously part of someone’s driveway.  Not an ideal situation and the worst part of the situation is that the house and property are beautiful.

It’s easy to tell whoever built the house and lives in it, loves their home.  The property was clean, the house was situated well on the lot, the owner has already removed whatever toys, etc. that he or she (or possibly, they) own and have set the house up to sell.  What’s going to keep it from selling at a decent time or for a decent price is that horrible location.

I should have taken a photo.  It was just sad that this pretty little house was tucked away among unkempt trailers and an ungraded country dirt road. No pun intended, but another one bites the dust.

I am certain eventually we’ll find the right place for us when other things fall in line for our family; it would just make me very happy to know that by next year (when I turn 30) that we’ll have bought a home for our family.


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