Plain Jane Options

Soooo…hope everyone had a good Christmas. Santa didn’t drop a job offer off for me so maybe New Year’s will bring that gift my way.

I’ve been thinking of ways to realize our home dreams in the nearer future instead of years down the road, which is essentially what our wait time would be if we built a home from scratch. I am thinking the best thing to do is to follow in the steps of “Property Brothers” and renovate a “shabbier” home to get us the home of our dreams. We wouldn’t do a large overhaul prior to moving in (at least I don’t think so) but who knows. I think a big part of it depends on where we are with our lives (if our daughter is still in daycare, if my husband is still in school, if I’ve started my Master’s program, etc.) and more importantly, our extra cash reserves set aside for home improvements.

I think this route offers us a pretty great alternative and yes, I know I say that all the time but I think it’s a viable option. We would have to look at the fridges of Gilbert, bordering on and including Queen Creek to meet as much of our wish list. Lot size and budget are the two big contenders so looking in this region might help us keep the budget in check while giving us greater options (more plain but we have to give up something and aesthetics it is). We can work on the exterior of the home over time and I think I can be comfortable with that option if it means we get into our own home sooner.

The other thing I really love about this option is that we could still work with my husband’s uncle to figure out the best home alterations and build the home of our dream by adding on to the home or placing windows strategically to make the most of the light without heating up the house.

And since you know how much of a planner I am, I am already scouting these new options. I found this 1.25 acre property on the outer part of Queen Creek with a single story home built in 2000. Like I said, we are facing a Plain Jane option here but there’s room to grow and make it our own. I also like the fact that the home isn’t desperately old. I found one property built in 1983 that isn’t on city water so we’d have to contract out water with a private company and we wouldn’t want an expensivee water problem like we know to be common in the City of Maricopa. And I know it sounds silly to call a 29 year old home old but there’s good old (think cute historic charm of the early 1900’s) and blah old (1970’s and 1980’s) that is anything but charming.

Here’s the property I found last night that kind of brings a smile to my face. I can already envision the changes we could make over time to have a wonderful light-filled home with clerestory windows, open kitchen, and the spaciousness yard we’ve been dreaming about for some time. And this one is listed for $249,900 so it’s not an outrageous amount to pay for something out here. I know there’s a similarly sized property with a slightly older home listed in Gilbert for $350,000, which is more than what we’d want to pay initially for home prior to making improvements. We lose the convenience factor of that centrally located home in Gilbert but we’d just have to wait and watch Queen Creek develop around us and travel 6-8 miles out of our way to go to some of our favorite places but that’s nothing compared to the 2 hour drives it used to take us to go to a mall when we lived in Wyoming.

26219 S 201st Street Queen Creek front

26219 S 201st Street Queen Creek

26219 S 201st Street Queen Creek kitchen

26219 S 201st Street Queen Creek yard


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