Inspirational Property

We had a wonderful night of rain to fall asleep to although this morning it has caused some traffic problems. So, as I’m basking in the light of the Christmas tree and staying warm inside, what better way to spend my morning that doing a little online property hunt. Yes, I know I’m a glutton for punishment but it is good to stay informed on what’s available.

Look at this gorgeous property I found this morning at Homes And Lands website:

Orange Grove Property 24660 182nd place, gilbert

It’s located in southern Gilbert and listed for $110,000. It’s interesting in the fact that there’s no HOA and horses are allowed on the property but you must build a home no smaller than 3,400sq ft. Yikes. That seems like a lot of maintenance. I wonder if that square footage could be divided up between a home and a mother-in-law suite.

I don’t know if I mentioned before a similar property that was listed in this same neighborhood. I know we talked to our family about it and perhaps our realtor before we started looking at new build homes. Here is a photo of that property from

lot 8 183rd place


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