I spent yesterday freaking myself out over our budget issues. I came up with a tentative budget for next year; it still seems so weird to already be talking about next year. Somehow, December always rolls around and it seems strange that a year has ended. This one certainly hasn’t gone quite as I expected although we did get to put the stress of recruiting behind us.

I have a hard time putting up blinders when it comes to our money and hence, the freakout. I miss living a more comfortable lifestyle like we had when we were both on active duty. While we weren’t millionaires by any stretch of the imagination, things were pretty easy for us. We had the financial freedom to do almost anything we want to include looking for a home. Granted, we didn’t purchase a condo but we did find one we liked when we were looking.

We were looking at one of the Brisbane condos in Oceanside, California. We found a three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom unit with a patio and a single car garage that was within our budget. It times like those, when we were so excited at the prospects of being homeowners, that I miss. I can’t wait for our financial situation to improve so we can start working on our goals again.

I spend so much time thinking about how when we are back to being a two (full-time) income household, life is going to feel pretty amazing. It’s going to almost feel like we won the lottery.

So, it’s days like today, I try to remind myself to step back from our situation. It’s going to take a bit to be back to a two income household that I am used to; we haven’t been there since 2009, when we moved to Wyoming. And we are likely to stay financially strained a little through the end of 2013 to compensate for my lack of employment this year. Our significant success towards home ownership will be made in 2014 and hopefully, sometime during that year, we’ll make our property purchase. I had wanted to do so at the end of 2013 but it looks like 2014 (sometime) is just a more realistic time frame.

Maybe until then I can make some strides with our home decor wishlist. 🙂


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