A Christmas Story: My In-Laws

Yeah, we’ve decorated! Ok, so the only thing missing as of now is the stockings but we’ll make a trip to the storage unit to get them. In the meantime, I’m happy with the tree all lit up and the Christmas decor sprinkled around the house. Christmas is just so cozy (even in Arizona). It’s only when you go outside that you are greeted with bright blue skies, warm temperatures, and the reality that snow will not be falling this year (for us anyways). Speaking of snow, I’m loving it that I can have some faux snow on this blog. It’s cute and charming.

My mother-in-law and I decorated most of the tree by ourselves. This situation also gave me the opportunity to peek at the little kid crafty things my husband made as a child. There is this cute little paper about what kind of a gift he would be if he was a gift. Don’t you just love it?! Missy was my husband’s dog growing up and she died while he was at boot camp; I know he liked her so much that he talked about possibly buying another Springer for his parents before they “adopted” Eddie, a mutt they found wandering around my father-in-law’s workplace.


My in-law’s also have this wonderful little “Special Kisses” book that they made for my husband when he was a kid. I especially love the page from Thomas’ father, as he passed away in 2007. I never really got to know my father-in-law as I met him during a brief trip to Wyoming in 2006 a few weeks before Thomas and I got married. He was very kind though and mailed out some sausage and cheese snacks for Christmas during my second tour in Iraq. The elk sausage was particularly good and it’s funny because the more I learn about my late father-in-law from Thomas’ mom, the more I realize that Thomas is like his dad.


Aren’t those wonderful letters? I’m not sure if I have anything like that from my childhood.

And now to the meat and potatoes of this post…the Christmas decorations. My in-law’s have a very eclectic sense of style. They have the usual family ornaments (individual photos, names, etc.), knit ones (wreathes, snowmen, Santas), ribbons, and two in particular are gifts from my mother-in-law’s sister when she went to Thailand. An angel graces the top of the artificial tree, which is lit with white lights. And my in-laws have mounts that they decorate as “Santa” and his “Reindeer”. Too funny.



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