Elections are over…time for a bucket list.

The election this year REALLY disappointed me. I don’t care to go into detail. There were enough flaps and arguments on Facebook so I’m going back to doing some things today that make me happy. I already took about a three mile walk with Little Bit, stopping to talk to one of Gilbert’s Public Works employee for a good ten or fifteen minutes (awesome guy!), and got in two job applications lined up for today. Ok, so applying for jobs doesn’t make me happy; I am happy at the thought of being gainfully employed again and beginning my post college career path. At this point, I am comfortable with learning what I have to learn and seeing how it helps mold me for all the unknowns to come.

Speaking of unknowns, I know there’s going to be a lot of them and I’d like to take up some of that space with my dreams and goals. I already have a growing bucket list on Pinterest but I wanted to share some thoughts here as well. I really want to embody some of that mindset and dedication of our world’s entrepreneurs, innovators, humanitarians, and good leaders. I want to accomplish a little bit of (almost) everything and see what makes me happy and what makes me “me”.

In no particular order (and bound to keep growing):

1. Have a REALLY fun splurge at Victoria’s Secret

See baby turtles make it to the ocean.

Earn a Master’s degree without incurring any debt and participate in all the pomp & circumstance.

Watch the ball drop from the comfort of a hotel room balcony.

I want to give someone a $100 bill at least once a year. I’ve been the lucky recipient of two found $100 bills but it would be amazing to intentionally bless someone I met.

I want to see Fallingwater and other examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural style.

So I can communicate with Devon without the aid of written text.

Handmade tumblers for my family…that would be lovely.

A true Christmas kiss…the romantic movie kiss kind followed with a theme song.

I want to make a quilt for each family member for gifts one year.

Visit Stone Hedge.

Write and illustrate a children’s book


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