Sandy and Halloween

Sorry to be out of touch the last few days.  I have friends and family on the East Coast and I’ve been preoccupied keeping up-to-date on Hurricane Sandy that moved through there and the colossal damage left behind.  Thankfully, all my friends and family seem to be ok; some people have fallen trees and long grocery lines to deal with but most have power and are doing well.

Here’s a photo of some of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Photo is courtesy of NBCNews and here is the article related to the image.

The sad thing is that this damage is still better than that seen in other areas.  The article states there are 47 storm-related deaths.  I do hope that federal resources for the storm victims is better managed than those available during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has postponed Halloween for his state and with good reason.  It’s great to see him put the safety of individuals above such a widely celebrated holiday even if it will disappoint the kids.  Now, is just not the time to be out and other parts of the East Coast are following suit.

For me, it’s incredibly weird to be witnessing this event from afar.  I was back in Rhode Island last year for Hurricane Irene and while my hometown of Portsmouth, Rhode Island dealt with power outages and downed trees, other areas were hard hit.  It seems strange to see how much more powerful Hurricane Sandy was this year.  This “frankenstorm” as it was called in the days proceeding to landfall is one that’s probably going to make it into the history books.  Hopefully, the American people can rally around one another and offer whatever support they can to repair the damage and help those people who lost everything these last few days.


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