IKEA Round #2

I brought a camera with me to IKEA today; I learned my lesson last time having to take lots of lesser quality photos on my phone and wasn’t about to repeat that mistake again.  Thankfully, we got there right as the store was opening so it wasn’t incredibly busy just yet.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t all dolled up for Christmas but maybe that transformation happens closer to Christmas? I mean, Halloween hasn’t even shown up yet but I see all these other stores showing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas goodies and I was kind of expecting the same showiness to be on display at Ikea.

I still found goodies worth sharing and I love some of the girly things I found for Miss Avery’s room. Enjoy (oh, and I have an IKEA page now that I’ll be updating during my excursions down the road).

Thanks for dropping in today.

I love the color and style of these cabinets for our eventual home.

Desk I want for Avery’s room.

Their Besta collection.

The flute looks full size but it’s really about half the size of a regular flute.





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