The Joy in Dreaming

Sometimes, there are benefits to not currently being employed.  I am watching “8 Simple Rules” with my sick husband.  He caught Avery’s cold and hopefully, it doesn’t pass on to me.  The episode I’m watching is the one where Bridget plays Anne Frank in the high school play.  I know that there are many times I am ungrateful for the the life I have and it’s helpful to be reminded of the blessings I have in just living an ordinary life with trivial problems.  I am not much of a history buff but the Holocaust is one of those time periods that I do enjoy studying.  I have read Anne Frank’s diary twice; the second time, I read the newer version that included information her father left out initially.  I read the Hidden Life of Otto Frank by Carol Ann Lee.  When I was in high school, my dad took my sisters and I to the Holocaust Museum, which I hope to take Avery to when she is older.  I think it’s important to learn about the many imperfections in human history so we can avoid repeating them again.

I hope you don’t mind my tangents.  I really did want to share with you some of the things I enjoy for their entertainment value (8 Simple Rules), educational value (the Holocaust) and obviously, my personal interest in home design.  Getting back to how I am blessed.  This weekend we went to the Rio Salado Sportsman Club to do some shooting only to find out that our kid couldn’t be there because she’s under six years old; guess, we should have checked out their website prior to our little outing.  The upside is that we had the time to drive around the area a little bit and see some homes that are absolutely stunning.

It got me to thinking about how it might be worth exploring that part of Mesa for properties.  The area is really beautiful, which is why I wanted to share some photos with you.

It’s obviously desert here compared to the farm-like Gilbert property I showed you last.

Last night, I also looked into a new home builder.  I was thinking of the last floor plan I showed you and how I was thinking an exterior that made it look like a Frank Lloyd Wright home would make it stunning.  So, it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon this home builder.

I know Thomas would really enjoy a home with a more modern style and the builder works with the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture to create Mod.Fab units.

We did find one floor plan that we really liked and I think once I get a job, I’d consider buying their floor plan book to see what other options might suit us, too.

Here’s the one that we like; it’s called Desert Rose (how fitting):

I am eager to see more of their Dwell Homes Collection; those are very modern and fit the plan we have to incorporate an Ikea kitchen into our home.  Ok, a job needs to materialize so I can go shopping.  I can’t wait to see what Ikea is like for the holidays.  I just might have to bring a camera with me to their store the next time I go.


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