Transforming Floor Plans

I’m trying to find productive ways to fill in the gaps during my day while I do some job searching.  Today I decided to combine two Connor Homes floor plans that I like; the bottom floor was the Hull Walker floor plan.  I liked the open kitchen, dining, and family rooms but at 4,867sq. feet with an upstairs and downstairs, the home is far too big for our needs.  I cut out the bedrooms, two of the bathrooms, and the laundry space from the Jesse Shields House floor plan that Connor Homes offers.

After I tweaked these floor plans a bit, Thomas made some of his own suggestions.

The closet for bedroom 2 makes the hallway rather tight (not sure how big the space would truly be) so he suggested expanding the bedroom to the left and building a closet within the larger planned space.  He also thought it would be good to not build a closet where one is currently hand drawn.

He also suggested moving the entrance onto the wall next to the Family Room.  The laundry room cuts into the family space so we have discussed cutting the space in half and find a way to attach it to the half bath to create a more tidy space.

The office would become a pantry space.  In the original Hull Walker layout, there was a pantry next to the oven and a butler’s pantry in front of where bedroom 1 is located.

I did some rough numbers with the new layout and estimating my adjustments (excluding the space taken up by the bathrooms, hallways, entry space, laundry room, closets, and the garage) the home is just over 1,300 sq feet.  I think with the other numbers, the house should easily be 2,000 sq ft or just under.

I’ll probably be rearranging other floor plans while I wait to find full time employment.


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