Modern Metro and The Traveler

Photo courtesy of Home Goods Stylescope “Modern Metro”

After doing my Stylescope yesterday, I told my husband of my results and had him see what his personality style was; I am not surprised that his was wildly different than mine.  Coming into our relationship, my husband owned more shoes than I did and he has always had a bit of a flair for suits and he likes fedoras.  Enough said, right?!  The Modern Metro fits him to a T.

Here’s what the Stylescope has to say about this personality style:

“Modern Metro adopts this cool, sleek minimalism to their loft-like look. The one right piece at the right price trumps a large assembly of objects. Instead, they enjoy a perfectly edited collection in a more masculine palette of cool greys and deep blacks with the occasional pop of color.”

“With everything from cocktail accessories to glassware, a well-stocked bar is a must.” (Side Note: My husband wouldn’t be concerned with the cocktail accessories.  He does like interesting looking glassware-the more odd, the better, but really, it’s the quality of alcohol that he’s concerned with and Patron must make it to the party.)

Thomas saw these incredible “invisible bookshelves” at Barnes & Noble during one of our recent outings and I must say, I’ve fallen for them, too.  After seeing them at the store, we saw a design show on t.v. that used them in a living room and I think it’s the perfect way to incorporate our love of reading on a broader scale in our house without having to purchase more bookcases, which take up a considerable amount of floor space.

Photo courtesy of Home Goods Stylescope “The Traveler”

Thomas’ second Stylescope “The Traveler” really resonates not only with the traveling Thomas has done but the traveling we both aspire to do together.  We want to visit places like Crete, the Galapagos Islands, we hope to go to Rio to watch some of the 2016 Olympic Games, we want to visit Australia…really I could go on and on about every place we want to see.

He’s brought home some interesting pieces from his yearlong deployment with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit.  I have a scroll designed with my name painted with birds and flowery imagery.  He also bought scrolls for his sister and her husband.  I asked him to pick up a glass soda bottle while he was overseas so we could start a growing collection of those items.  I picked up a Mountain Dew bottle with English and Arabic lettering on it when I visited Qatar for a Rest & Relaxation trip on my second deployment.

I’m sure if Thomas didn’t have such a good time drinking VB and XXXX beer when he was in Australia (I kid you not, he’s certain he spent $1,000 on booze there), I might have gotten photos of the little gray kangaroos that run free at the zoo down there.  So now, I HAVE to visit Australia to get to see the little kangaroos up-close and so Thomas can have good Australia beer again.


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