Connor Homes Winterthur Collection

I’ve mentioned Connor Homes in the past but I wanted to share something pretty special with you guys today. It’s their Winterthur Collection, which I find absolutely stunning.

There is one home in particular that my husband and I love and it’s their Hampton Court floor plan. Now, this one is an extremely large home (over 4,000sq ft) so we have made some modifications to the floor plan listed in the Connor Homes book that we purchased. We’d want to pair down the house to a more manageable 2,500sq ft. Our goal would be to alter the back portion of the house to make it mostly garage space since the home doesn’t have an attached garage.

Hampton Court exterior (courtesy of Connor Homes website)

Hampton Court floor plan (photo courtesy of Connor Homes website)


Some of our favorite features of the home are the grand spiral staircase, the two fireplaces, the sun room, and loggia. Plus the house has a TON of storage space. It would be a beautifully built home and down here in Arizona, would be an incredible investment over the years. We have some serious work ahead of us to see if this home could be built on the property we want; I’ve already emailed the company to find out if they would collaborate with us to make the alterations we’re interested in making. I am also waiting to hear back from our realtor to see if she can keep us informed about the status of the property I shared with you the other day.

Lots of work on our part to make this all happen but I’m willing to keep this option on the horizon. No dream is ever worth giving up.


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