Model Scouting

I’ve been a little hesitant to be 100% honest with you all about how much house hunting I like to do but today we went out on another great adventure and it was too wonderful not to share.  Since our move down here in July, we have checked out quite a number of neighborhoods.

We have visited Hastings Farms as I’ve told you in a previous post (a William Lyons community) down in Queen Creek, Layton Lakes in Gilbert (Lennar Homes), Bella Via Maestro in Mesa (both the Richmond American Homes and Pulte Homes),  and driven up to the Spaces at Evans Ranch (Shea Homes) in Gilbert. Spaces was by far a great disappointment to us because the front is designed to look modern but if you look it’s just a facade. The sides have a regular roof like all the other homes in the community; we happened to have visited on a Friday only to find out that they didn’t open til noon. We had other places to go so we didn’t wait around to look inside; the upside to that little outing is that we found out the development is right next to Basha High School (one of Chandler District’s schools that we liked).

However, the builder that has stood out to use the most is Meritage Homes.  We have visited their Villages at Val Vista neighborhood (Gilbert) not too long ago and today went to their Lyon’s Gate community.  The two story models in both communities had mountain views on three sides, which I love.  We did prefer the location of the homes we saw today versus the one at Villages but honestly, I think when the time is right any Meritage home community in Gilbert will suit us well.

Today’s adventure was mostly to scout out design ideas and compare floor plans. At Villages at Val Vista, the Sierra was our favorite but we also like the Tamarisk.  At Lyon’s Gate, we liked the Palo Brea model, but at 2,778 sq. feet it is still a large home for our family.  One of their slightly smaller options, the Arizona Ash, is likely to fit us better since it’s 2,413 sq. feet.

The community has about twenty more two story home sites available so we would have to purchase a resale if we bought into this community; right now, the salesperson we spoke to today said the community is selling about four to five homes a month so it’s very likely the community will be bought out by the end of this year or early next year.  It’s not such a big deal because there are a number of infill properties throughout Gilbert and Meritage still has plans to build other communities.

My husband did fall in love with the idea of modern touches throughout the home after we saw some interesting upgrades to the models we saw today.  The Sissoo model has shown the den enclosed with frosted panel doors on a track system, which gives it a very modern feel.  We were discussing today that depending on the type of home we might get we would consider including modern features into our home.  Thomas likes the idea of a glass raised bar top on the kitchen island (also featured in the Sissoo model).  We both like the idea of glass banister panels with stainless steel posts.  I’m sure our ideas will continue to evolve the more homes we go and scout so please keep reading.


The frosted door panels in the Sissoo model (2,088 sq. ft)
Here you can see the glass raised bar top and a good view of the frosted door panels from the kitchen. (Photo courtesy of Meritage Home’s Lyon’s Gate website.)

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