Masculine Master

I don’t know about you but I’m always a bit more charmed by a home when I walk into a space that is designed with a more masculine feel. I don’t want frills, flowers, bright feminine colors, or too much fluff that expresses not only does a man NOT live in this space, it’s unlikely he’s ever even visited.

When we visited the home model that has become our favorite floor plan, I enjoyed the fact that the home was more masculine in its design.  One of our favorite things about it as well was the slate floors; my husband loved them so much he decided that he wanted slate floors in our own home.  We finally found a color we liked called Ember Ash by American Slate and this floor is going to be used to set the tone in our home.

For the master, our goal is to use reclaimed wine barrel planks to cover the ceiling and engineered wood beams in a perpendicular design to create an emphasis that the space is older than it is truly.  I have also developed a love for Restoration Hardware’s linen bedding collection after going to their store in person at the Providence Place Mall in Providence, Rhode Island. Funny story about that adventure, too.

I was there with my step mom, Sue, and she pointed out the actor James Woods to me. And I kid you not that I totally spaced on who she was talking about until she kept talking about him and then I placed him as the voice of Hades.  Seriously, I should have recognized that connection a lot sooner because I tend to speak as quickly as his character did in the movie.  I still think my favorite part of the film was when he says, “Whoa. Is my hair out?”

OK tangents aside, I do want to create a nice home for my family. And given the fact that men are so often forgotten in the design process, I have come up with a scheme that is perfectly masculine for our master bedroom.  I figure my husband isn’t getting a man cave because if it’s between Call of Duty and me, I’m going to lose out; he’s getting the (mostly) manly bedroom instead.  And I’m even giving him a pretty good say in the space so hopefully he will leave more of the kitchen design up to me.  Fingers crossed, people!


1. Garment-Dyed Textured Linen Bedding Collection ($59-$279, Restoration Hardware)

2. Aubusson Rug (wool) ($4,125, The Rug Company)

3. Cooperage wood floor planks (Fontenay Woods)

4. 18th Century Lion’s Head Tables ($795 each, Restoration Hardware)

5. Ember Ash slate floor tiles, 24″by 24″ (American Slate)


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