When the Little Things Come Together

I must admit that I am not always as tech savvy as I would like to be and I’ve struggled to learn some of the finer points of blogging like making a collage.  Yesterday, after letting my frustration get the best of me, I Googled different ways to teach myself this task and sure enough, found out about Picmonkey.  With a little bit of effort, I have now learned how to make my first collage.  I’ve been eagerly looking forward to the day when I can lump my ideas together to share my design sense so today I am sharing with you some ideas for my daughter’s bedroom.
As well, NO SURPRISE TO ME, I have changed my mind again about a home.  I don’t want to talk too much about it right now since a home purchase is still likely to be a bit down the road.  My husband, daughter, and I made the transition to Arizona in the middle of July (I am probably one of the only people that welcomed this intense heat but living in Wyoming was not warm enough for me) and have been scouring the area for the right neighborhood.  After we moved down here, I finished my sex offender population map for the areas of Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa.  Originally, Queen Creek had been on the list as well but after driving down to the Hastings Farms development, we were really turned off by the commute.
I will go on later about all these wonderful changes and plans for my family but let me share with you my first blog collage. 🙂

Girly girl room with just a touch of pink.

Item Wishlist

1. Capiz Pendant (Pottery Barn, $199)

2. Cherry Blossom Canvas Print (Shades of Light, $299)

3. Seagrass Lidded Basket, Burgundy/Orange (Pier 1 Imports, $19.95)

4. Pink Throw Blanket (Anthropologie, no longer available so I might have to find this one on eBay)

5. Monson Moon Cushion (Holly’s House, £65)

6. Pearl and Gold Mirror (Pier 1 Imports, $179.95)


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