There’s Nothing Like the 6th Year Anniversary to Spark Changes

Today my husband and I have been married six years so naturally I fall back to talking to him about my home plans. He is so gracious to constantly listen to my dreams and ramblings; I know I talk a bit too much about my home dreams but I know all the hoping and planning will be worth it in the end.

As you can see, my blog underwent a minor transformation today and this is thanks to the brief conversation Thomas and I had this morning about my wishes for a Connor Home. I told him how much I really do think an investment like this would be worth it but I know the layout is a small source of contention. We would have the opportunity to make some changes as long as we don’t go with their smallest options but I can discuss this all with you later on my new page, The Family Home. Right now, my two year is desiring me to go outside and play with her so she can watch her dad mow the lawn. Yes, exciting lives we have here. Haha.

Anyways, brief description of what might be our new options. We will work on having our first home in Gilbert in the next few years and that home will most likely be in the Morrison Ranch development. Our family home (and what I would like to be our second purchase) will be the Connor Homes option and we’re considering their Living Barns or Carriage style homes possibly with a detached garage (we’ll be exploring it all a bit more after we get our catalog mailed to us) and the third one, our dream home, will be several more years down the road but I’ll already start sharing some ideas I have for all three as my schedule allows.

I know I keep you forever busy but I dream (as I talk) in tangents so bear with me. It will be a great journey in the years to come.


p.s. I’ll also try and get some pics of us up here too since we’ve already been on this journey awhile together. Have a great weekend everyone.


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