Constantly Searching for "The One"

Yes, let’s bring my indecisiveness back to the forefront of my existence. I have found a company that could potentially be the one to build my dream home. Honestly, I only see two things standing in my way: my budget and my husband. I know we are nowhere near where I want to be with our dream home budget and I don’t mind if that means more labor on my part; the likely course of action would be to purchase the land first, pay it off, and then work on building the home. The thing I cannot change is my husband. Not that I want to change him but I have some serious work to getting him on board with this potentially meeting our my needs and wants for a home.

My husband is (and always will be) the practical one of us in the relationship. He looks at cost and efficiency while I look at the prettier matters like exterior architecture, paint colors, and design features like cup pulls and Restoration Hardware light fixtures (certainly something I want to share with you all, but I think my love of light fixtures probably deserves its own post).

I find, more and more each day, that I really just want ONE home; we have considered buying a starter home and later renting it out (and possibly, two or three down the road) but I find my heart always goes back to just having one home. I know I want to relax at the end of the day; I don’t know if I want to be bothered by a tenant’s leaking pipes, faulty dryer, kids who draw on walls with Sharpie marker (thankfully, mine has never done so but the scene from “Gilmore Girls” where Gigi draws on the wood floors in Lorelai’s house comes to mind).

Anyways, I want to feel giddy each time I walk into or look at my home. I want to smile when people compliment me on my home for how well-built it is; I want to know my home didn’t require extensive amounts of materials going into landfills (these house are factory built so less on-site waste); I want to know that my home is built specifically for our needs now and in the future; and lastly, I want to live on a decent size plot of land where my neighbors’ arguments aren’t so easily heard. I don’t like listening to other people’s squabbles and even less so, loud arguments that I should not be privy to regardless of the situation.

Before I keep babbling on, let me introduce to you the company that has sparked my interest: Connor Homes. This Vermont based company makes new homes with historical details and ships the parts to your lot (whether it’s here in the States or around the world). This company has several floor plans available but can also customize a design for you and based off their designs, I know we’d be able to do some of the work ourselves, which would not be possible if we went through a large developer home builder that handles all aspects of the home project because of liability and deadline issues (and I’m sure, the fact that they would lose money if we did things ourselves).

I am already so excited about this option that I ordered their catalog (less than $20) so I can check them out further. Hopefully, this small financial investment can give my husband a better sense of the company and down the road we can visit the company in person to determine whether this is a viable option for us. Wish us luck!


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