What’s Your Style?

Mine is a mix of American Eclectic and Euro Eclectic. I know that kind of makes me sound like Emily Henderson from “Secrets from A Stylist”but it’s nice to know that the book I picked up from the library today, Ethan Allen Style: Create the Look You Love, was easy enough to shift through to determine what I look for in my furniture and the overall vibe I want my home to have.

And honestly, it’s making me feel a whole lot better about some of my previous thoughts about home decor because I was thinking they didn’t really mesh well together. Apparently not at all! I am just a mish mashing kind of person and here, thank you Ethan Allen, was something reaffirming how I felt about my home. And not so oddly enough, there were clear styles that I just haven’t liked for years…hello Caribbean vibrant colors (same goes for Southwestern bright colors) or the Swedish Country look. I love white but there’s a fine line for me; one, I have a kid and a husband and at some point again after we own a home, a dog. Not just a dog but one that’s going to be barreling around the house chasing my kid and being egged on by my husband. Not what you want in a home that’s mostly light and white. Did I also mention that I’m not a big fan of toile?! Sure it looks nice but I don’t want to be getting ready for bed or sitting down at my dining room table and getting caught up in all the pastoral scenes on my furniture. I think it’s far too distracting.

I know our home has always has a bit more of a masculine vibe with feminine touches. We both favor medium to dark colored wood floors, wrought iron, speakeasy doors, claw floor tubs, and ornately carved furniture even if it’s not handmade. We both like the idea of a sleigh bed and black and white checkered marble floors for the Master Bath.

If you saw the home idea book I’ve been working on, you’d think I already bought a home. There’s so much stuff in there; it’s a shame I don’t already have a home. I can tell you our home, when finished, is going to be very detail oriented. I couldn’t embrace a purely Modern or Zen home design; it’s too bland for me. I need something to catch my eye everywhere I go but I do want a sufficient amount of natural light if at all possible. I know I am kind of limited by my budget and the home builder designs down in Arizona but a girl can dream, right?

I am going to still stick with my vision of earth toned paint colors. I think there’s just so much of those details already in the furniture and fabrics in our home that it’s what we find most pleasing. Browns, blues, greens, and maybe some yellows will be our primary color choices and maybe choose real pops of color for accessories. I want Avery’s room to be a nice muted gray though. I think that would provide the right sophisticated palette for the other planned colors of her room (white, pink, and green).

Our room is the wildcard right now. I would love to make it a bit more lavish than the rest of the home since it will be our private retreat at the end of the day. I know that might sound a bit weird but right now our room is nothing like a retreat. It’s small and boxy and located right next to Avery’s room so we hear her crying and yelling ALL THE TIME. No, I want split bedrooms thank you very much. I always think it’s funny when parents talk about wanting their kids right next to them (for safety or coddling reasons) and I’m on the opposite spectrum. My kid sees enough of me during the day at night I need some peace and quiet away from her. Plus at some point, she’ll grow up and when she comes back to visit it will be good for her to have her own private space as well.

I don’t think I mentioned last time but I did find out about a new housing development going up in Queen Creek. I have to wait for the details to be released but it’s worth looking into; it will have homes from 1,200 sq ft to 5,400sq ft, some with 3 car garages, 13 floor plan options, and 39 elevation options. The neurotic house hunter in me is going crazy. I love house browsing even if it’s something I have to do online for now.


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