Did I Mention I’m Indecisive?

Oh this is going to be a long journey for us; I hope you don’t mind the wait. And I do apologize for not writing on my blog sooner. I have been busy finishing up my dual Bachelor’s degrees. I was studying criminal justice and social science and will graduate May 5th. Whoa! About damn time. I freaking hated the school that I went too and whenever I do decide to pursue my Master’s degree, it will not be through the school I got my Bachelor’s degrees through; it has been such a chaotic mess completing my last year and it’s way too much to get into on this blog. So….back to the good stuff.

Let me update you. We have expanded our search parameters YET AGAIN. I have just spent so much time thinking and thinking about how little we’ll get for our money in the city of Chandler that it might be worth expanding our search to the Queen Creek area. Now no real decisions have been made because I still have to find the right balance for our lives.

I am still making it a priority to increase our distance away from sex offenders (Arizona’s sex offender registry can be purchased online for $25 and I do think it’s a worthy investment for any future home buyer) and our daughter’s schooling. It’s amazing just how much more offerings there are down in Arizona. I have never known that school districts could give so many opportunities to their students.

As it stands, Chandler and Queen Creek are a top two contenders and it’s kind of an interesting mix because they are so different. For this reason, I have created two separate binders detailing the aspects of each place to figure out what suits us the best. I have narrowed things down to overall community lifestyle, schools, homes (reviewing what homes are currently in our price range), crime statistics, and miscellaneous (because I’m sure I’ll find out more things the further I dig).

Obviously, our home hunter efforts are contingent on getting me employed once I’m down in Arizona full time but my goal is to buy a home between 2 to 4 years from now. I do not wait very well (hence all the mental purchases you’ve seen on this blog). I could mentally buy a home every couple of months if I had to to hold me over. I hope you don’t mind.

I know this journey always gets a bit harder for me each time I hear of someone else I know that’s my age buying a home. It’s like where did you get your pot of gold from?! I catch myself not knowing how to embrace their good fortune and wonder where they got the money to buy a home. I know I’ll qualify for a VA loan when the time comes but seriously, it annoys me having to wait.

Hopefully though, the wait is well worth the effort.

p.s. Can you see me in a house like this one? I love the architecture.


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