Our Home…Someday

Tada! Here’s our “home”. What do you think? Obviously, this is at the blank slate stage but we plan on buying a builder grade home anyway and will do updating later on to make it more affordable. The home isn’t that big. It’s the 1,729 sq ft home I was telling you about previously.

I like the fact that you come in and see the living room but the rest of the house isn’t visible from the front door. I think the privacy would be worth having especially for those days that we order pizza. Right now the home we live in has a view of our living room and dining space, which functions more as the baby’s play area but still….it’s wide open for anyone and his or her mother to see. And let’s just be honest, with a young child my home is often cluttered and I’m embarrassed for others to see it.

This home will definitely be on the front of my mind for purchase in 2014. I am TIRED of waiting to buy a home even though I know money is keeping us from having a home right now. I think we have to take the next two years very seriously if we are going to accomplish my plan of home ownership in 2014.

As well, I wanted to show you my plans for updating the place. It’s nothing major but some changes that would allow the home to suit our family better.

We would extend the shower and reduce the size of the walk-in-closet. To compensate for the loss in closet space we would build a European wardrobe in the Master bedroom with a shoe pull-out cabinet. In our daughter’s room, we would build a wall length desk with storage underneath for toys, books, and clothes. The laundry space would be extended into the hall closet so we could have a long desk, stack the washer and dryer, and build wall storage. In the guest room, we have contemplated putting in a Murphy bed to accommodate guests or it could always become a baby’s room later on if we decide to have a second child. Everything else in the house would pretty much remain the same. (We would put some sort of storage in the garage as well…don’t let me forget.) It would be my husband’s version of a “man cave”. Haha.

Over the next few weeks (or months), I will try and include photos of the things I want for each room. I have spent a lot of time contemplating what my dream house would be and it helps to compile images to see how it all fits together.


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