One Day a Homeowner…

We are less than half a year away from moving down to Arizona and I am beyond excited. Many things remain unsettled but we have discussed the likelihood that we will have a home built for us when the time is right. There are two floor plans offered within our price range that meets our space requirements and our lifestyle. The first one has the kitchen, dining nook and living room all on one side with the three bedrooms, two full baths, laundry space, and two car garage on the other. It’s a single story just over 1,600sq ft and we love the fact that garage does not face the street. While the second home also separates the house much like the first the dining nook and living room are separated by the kitchen which has an excellent island in the L shaped kitchen that the first did not. This plan also allows for an expansion of the laundry space (which would eat up a small closet) as a build option. This house is just over 1,700sq ft and unfortunately has a garage that faces the street.

We are still (financially) two years away from making home ownership a reality. If I can get my career started rather quickly after our move, I see us following this timeline very well and perhaps making a purchase sooner.

I did want to let you all know too that I have invested a significant amount of time researching our prime home location. I created a binder with crime statistics (including sex offender registry), school district information, and community amenities. I want to make sure when we buy a home we will be quite satisfied with our purchase. My husband thought it was a bit overdone; I, on the other hand, would encourage everyone to spend a good month or two investigating some important issues (especially when they relate to one’s lifestyle) when it comes to purchasing a home. I want our home to be a good investment for years to come and I would recommend any home buyer consider the pros and cons of a house for the long haul since you never know how long you might live there (especially in this economy).


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