Limiting My House Search

Sometimes it’s so frustrating to be in a transition phase….all I want to do is buy a house for my family and we are far from being in the ideal position to buy one. That last house that I showed you sold for $125,500 on October 28th. It’s hard not to play a “what if” game with myself because my husband and I have been through so much in the last few years and if we had realized where our life would take us, we surely would have changed how we spent and saved our money so buying a home would be possible when he gets out of the Marine Corps next year.

I know I shouldn’t be envious of homeowners because owning a home isn’t always a nice little dream especially when you find out problems due to faulty construction and prior owners who cut corners on renovations. I, however, have pretty much wanted my own home my entire life. Since we have decided to put military life behind us, I want our daughter to grow up in one home and have all those memories of living in one place, having a large group of friends, and having a place that my husband and I can age into instead of having to sell when age related health concerns limit our mobility.

As we were discussing homes recently, I decided to reign in our neighborhoods of interest. I have considered my husband’s interest in Gilbert since it’s an area he’s familiar with and my desire to have proximity to good schools and our shared desire to be close to his parents. He wants to stay above the 202, which works for me since he doesn’t desire to live close to the reservation or have our daughter attend school down in the Coolidge area. The neighborhood I am most interested in has six homes that are all fairly similar and range in price from $114,900 to $137, 888. The home I’m most interested is one that I’ve already posted here on the blog. It’s on the “Homes at the Lower End of our Price Range” post for $125,000 (4 bed, 2 bath) with the split floor plan. It was listed back in July so I know I shouldn’t get emotionally attached to it since it’s likely to sell before we’re able to buy. I know we’ll be done paying off our other debts as late as 2014 and earlier if I can find a good job after graduating. I am almost done with college, which is a nice thought, but now I have to battle every other person out there looking for a job in a depressed economy. Wish me luck!


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