Potentionally a Contender

So….I found a home and I think it could be “the one” for us. I have since passed the information for said named house to my mother-in-law who will take a look at it for us. Now, I know what you’re all thinking, I keep talking on and on about how we’re not financially in the market for a home but I’m working on getting to that point. I was crunching some numbers and if we can get a certain number of debts out of the way within say six months we just might be able to get this house. I know some of you, in particularly current homeowners, are probably laughing (maybe inside your head) that a home isn’t just going to sit on the market for six months. Well this one has been on the market for 387 days already. I don’t know if there are any major issues with it or maybe people down there are skeptical of getting into a short sale and having to wait months on end for said named home. I, however, am willing to believe it’s the latter because from the images you’ll see below the home seems to be builder grade quality and the current owner has not done any upgrades (not evening painting the walls)!

My big “push” for trying to get into this home now rather than later has much to do with my husband departing the Marine Corps. I know with him serving eight years it puts us in a better position on paper to qualify for a loan than if we wait until he gets out and I’m the only one putting relatively new income (once I find a job) into a house hunt. I know many banks will also see me as not being a good enough source with a fresh job and no “steady” income on his side since he’ll be going to school and will get G.I. Benefits that don’t receive the same value when looking for a home.

After scouring many properties online and debating between one story and two, 1,800 to 2,00 sq. ft, three bedrooms versus four, I have compromised on our list of home attributes to come up with this property fitting us best. Anyways, I won’t keep you long today so here’s what I hope can be our future home.

Gilbert, AZ
3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, two story, two car garage
$110,000 1,879 st ft home
3,825 sq ft lot


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