What My Kitchen Will NOT Be

The kitchen is the heart of my home (I know it’s a cliche but for me it fits) but in my current home, it’s anything but heartwarming. It’s a real quick, fast fix kind of mess that irritates me every time I think about it. The cheap (cleverly left out word) landlord of mine really did a number putting in some low grade fixes and put things all backwards. For example, when you look at the photos the dishwasher is now located where the refrigerator used to be who knows how long ago. Not only is the dishwasher not located conveniently next to the sink, this area is now a big gaping hole in my kitchen. It’s like looking at the big space between Condelezza Rice’s teeth. She may be perfectly fine with her “imperfections” and more power to her, but this eyesore grates on me. My landlord obviously has no idea how to create an efficient and attractive work triangle in the kitchen, but he’s pretty good at bungling up the entire kitchen layout.

Here’s some other things that drive me crazy about it:

-windows that don’t seal properly and are old and worn out

-There is no backsplach (anywhere)

-The fridge is now located by the doorway and with the kitchen cart in the kitchen if the fridge is open, it blocks the entrance into the kitchen

-lack of counterspace

-minimal natural light

-galley style (this only works well if the kitchen is larger than mine, in my opinion)

-lack of cupboard space/sufficient pantry

-ugly faux rope woodwork on cupboards

-“Barbie Doll” sink…dubbed this name by my in-laws because it’s so shallow you can barley put any dishes in there

-low faucet, which causes water to splash while washing dishes

-closed off to the rest of the house

-track lighting…it’s ugly and outdated

-linoleum floors…I don’t like linoleum

So here’s some photos of our kitchen. I do think it’s a sufficient space for a family that doesn’t entertain or cooks simple meals, neither of which describes my lifestyle.

Look at this sad window Skinny isn’t a good thing to when it comes to a


See how the fridge blocks everything when it’s open…grr

This window leaks the most in our


Open Pantry Closed Pantry

My tiny little lazy susan drawer


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