Homes in Arizona

As you all know me, I am constantly on a “house hunt” even though I’m not currently looking to a buy a home. We are looking at options down in Arizona since that is our target area once Thomas is out of the Marine Corps. So far, these are the options that I like best. If we can find something similar to these homes I’d be pretty happy purchasing a preexisting home than having us build our Mediterranean dream home. I think we’d be able to save money going this route and then could upgrade the home as our budget allows. The factors we’d most like in a home and the land it’s on are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, sizable kitchen, and located on a corner lot. We don’t mind builder grade since we’d be able to put in all the touches we want and aren’t paying for those items in the purchase price. So here’s the options:

Home One
4 bed, 2 bath (2,171 sq. ft, built in 2003)
-$163,900 (builder grade everything located on a corner lot)

Home 2
4 bed, 2.5 bath (2,933 sq ft built in 2005)
$176,000 (3 car garage, corner lot, Spanish style home with artificial grass)

Home 3
4 bed, 2 bath (1,833 sq. ft built in 1998)
$175,000 (mostly builder grade, amazing curb appeal, cactus in front yard, tankless water heater)

Home 4
4 bed, 3 bath (2,562 sq. ft built in 2006)
$176,000 (3 car garage, St.Barbara/Tuscan front, walnut cabinets)

So this is how I’ve been spending my free time. We have considered that any home we do buy we’d like to update the kitchen right away and then do the other rooms as time and money permits. I think one big room or two small rooms a year would be very doable and that way we can see how the house fits our needs. We have also considered updating any backyard with a patio/deck, probably a pool, and some xeriscaping and artificial turf.


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