The New Dream Home Plan

I originally posted another plan to my Facebook page but after some consideration my husband and I realized that it wasn’t really our dream home. We spend more time in our kitchen than we honestly should and the other plan had a tiny kitchen like the one we currently use. As well, we have no need for a gigantic bonus room; we need a place with rooms that will be used all the time. Why waste our efforts with a “catch all” room that many homes utilize? As we’ve seen these often sought after rooms end up being repositories for every random item that doesn’t find a home in other rooms and so it becomes the “clutter room”. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a clutter room. I want a peaceful, well organized house that has the visual appeal of a model home. Here’s the new home anyways. I know it’s a little hard to see but it’s a 2,500 sq foot single level with three bedrooms, a den, an open kitchen with a breakfast bar and the layout utilizes a couple of interior archways which I think helps gives the different areas the feeling of being different “wings” to the home. You can click on the floorplan to see a better view of the individual rooms.
I plan on posting images of the furniture and home accessories I would like to use to decorate. This blog is going to be my fun reprieve from being a stay-at-home mom because let’s be honest, this dream is going to take awhile to become a reality. However, why not have a little fun with it? I think I’ll post each and every fun little item that I find along the way that I like and see how much it all would cost. Then I can evaluate just how realistic my dream home is and show off my decorating tastes. I welcome plenty of positive comments; I love everyone’s insights but I hope to avoid hearing how expensive some of these items might be. I have expensive taste when it comes to some things and I don’t mind. I’m not looking to salvage every little thrift store item because some things make me cringe because I have no idea how the previous owner may have treated those items. There will also be inexpensive items too because there’s some things in this world that aren’t worth spending tons of money on because they sustain enough use that inexpensive is the way to go. I hope to post some of the cute little home good items I’ve had my eye on here soon. As well, since I know I’ll get this reaction, I know all these items might not always be available. However, my intent is to showcase the sort of items I like because I do know that interior decorating styles tend to be go in cycles like almost everything else in this world.

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